Study leave process and procedures

  • Schedule 27 (Nomination Forms) are filled Letter from school board (substitute / non-substitute) declaration. It is very imperative for a school board to indicate whether the school shall need a substitute or not if a teacher goes for long term training (study leave) for budgetary purposes
  • That is, if there is a need to engage a substitute, TSD shall grant unpaid study leave and vise versa.
  • Progress report should be submitted to TSD every year in order to monitor progress of a teacher on study leave. Failure for this may warrant salary (half salary) stoppage for a teacher on study leave.
  • Extension of study leave warrants unpaid study leave.
  • If for whatever reason a teacher on study leave should terminate his/her study leave, a substitute engaged thereof should be given three (3) months notice. A substantive holder (teacher) who has terminated study leave shall continue to earn half salary until he/she has resumed work.
  • School board and NOT a teacher on study leave should notify TSD three (3) months prior to completion of study leave about the resumption of duty of a teacher on study leave. Notification should be in a letter form with date stamp for the purpose of reinstatement of full salary for the said teacher.
  • TSD requests school boards to recommend to TSC appointment of substitutes with qualifications equivalent or below the qualifications of the teacher being substituted (on study leave). For instance, if a teacher on study leave has B Ed/BA Ed, or Diploma in education and NOT M Ed,/MA Ed. This is for budgetary purposes.

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